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I Didn't Know About eCommerce, But This What I am Learning....

I Didn't Know About eCommerce, But This What I am Learning....

When I started this blog, I planned to share MUCH more than what I have so far. I planned to share how I got my first client, made by first product sale, closed my first $1,000 contract, got my first speaking gig, and more. Wins and lessons came more quickly than I could keep up. I lost track of a lot of helpful tips yet this year, I plan to do better in sharing my journey.

As I go into my second official year in business, I will be recapping topics I have found interesting. My goal is to have a series called "I Didn't Know About....But this is What I am learning..."

In developing this series,  I found several gems that recapped great lessons. Here is the first: eCommerce!

Before we jump into this topic, a key step in being successful with earning money on your own, via eCommerce, Direct Sales or something else, is clearly knowing the problem you want to solve, know who needs the solution you provide and know where they can be found online and offline. I think this basic knowledge of your market of potential buyers is your business foundation. Don't take my word for that, read more about that here.

Below I share a bit more about this basic foundation in a review of my Brand Crush, Smart Simple Marketing.

eCommerce Made Simpler

What is eCommerce?

For people who are used to doing physical labor for pay, the concept of earning money online may be something new. eCommerce is simply online buying or selling. This video gives a bit of history as well:



With this foundational step in mind (knowing your ideal audience), check out these tips from a November 29, 2016 Facebook Post (shared with permission from Dante Godfrey).

Dante reveals the following:

Please don't over-complicate eCommerce; keep it simple.

A couple things you need to know in order to win:

1.) Winning doesn't come overnight (not for most)

2.) Innovation is expensive, model your business after winning stores

3.) Select a profitable Niche

4.) Select a targetable Niche (Don't just sell jewelry, make sure you have a passionate audience, example:

Choker Necklace with no tassels (Wrong) - Not Targeted

Choker Necklace with a Cat Tassel (Right) - Targeted

Guitar (Wrong) - Too broad and not Passionate

Banjo (Right) - Exclusive, Passionate, and Very Targeted

Bracelet with emeralds (Wrong) - Not Targeted

Bracelet with math teacher on it (Right) - Very Targeted and Exclusive

You can place the other items in your store but make sure you run traffic to targeted items.

Take the brain work out of it and model after successful stores, being careful not to simply copy them.

Don't get caught up in all the branding and perfection, it only keeps you from completing Income Producing Activities and in a state of perpetual learning.

Imperfect action is very key.

-  Dante Godfrey


If you would like to learn more, take a look at my go-to articles published by eCommerce expert and former nurse, William Harris:

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