This blog serves as to tell the back story of Solutions by Amelia. In attempting to pay off over 18k in student loan debt, I started on a journey of multiple side hustles, which, includes a successful digital marketing agency.  While I almost killed myself , doing all of this, we paid off the student loan debt!


From start to finish, 18k was paid off in less than two years. I aim to use this Blog to share the story of how Life and Business intersect. Besides speaking about the intersection of life and business, on this website, you will find stories of business owners who are sharing what works!

When venturing into new territory, we all need confirmation and support. I've been through a few transitions in my Nursing career as well as my business ventures. It's my aim to share my story as well as those of others who have navigated various experiences in the Healthcare Industry.   

We are slowly adding more content, so please check back! 

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