The Business of Fertility Education

Thanks to a generation who grew up with social media, more of us are sharing challenging parts of our lives. In my own circle, I am learning how many in my age group under 34 are struggling with matters related to fertility.

There are also unique challenges for moms over 35. What if there was more credible information out there about this topic? Nurses are the largest healthcare workforce and we live in community with women who are facing these challenges. What if more nurses were empowered to educate others about this topic?

Let's talk about how Monica Moore, Nurse Practioner, has been skillfully addressing this most complex challenge. 

What is your company name?

Fertile Health

What problem does your company solve?

Fertility Nurse education and enrichment.

When did you see this problem that needed to be solved?

20 years ago.

Did the problem seem like it was bigger than you?

At times, but feel like I can make a difference.

How did you know you were uniquely positioned to solve this problem?

I am passionate about education and feel that I have the ability to simplify complex processes.

What, if any, concern is there related to nurses not knowing about non-traditional roles?

I think the ability to continue and progress in a current or different role is empowering.

Some say, "It's not what you know, it's who you know." In terms of developing business relationships, do you agree with that statement? Please explain your rationale.

Yes, most of my referrals are word of mouth. I know that I am good at what I do, but need to meet the right people who are willing to take a chance on me and my services.

What was the process of moving away from the clinical role into a business role?

I realized that I was becoming the go-to person for educating nurses, so decided to expand that role of being the go-to person for educating nurses..

What has the hardest thing been in starting your specific type of business?

How to market myself and accounting and legal intricacies.

What has been the most rewarding thing about being in your type of business?

Love getting feedback. Nurses telling me that they wish they would have met me earlier...etc.

What would you say are the five most important resources (books, conferences associations) for a nurse who wants explore business?

NNBA, entrepreneur magazine, presentation blogs, ASRM (for fertility nurses)



What would you like others to know about what you do?

I am trained as an NP in women's health and have worked in the infertility field for 20 years. My company, Fertile Health, was created to educate and enrich nurses in the fertility field. I will be at the NNBA conference in November.