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One of the great things I love about the journey of being in business is meeting other healthcare professionals who are also business owners. When Andrew Craig came on my radar, I immediately reached out for a quick chat, and he said yes! What I love about his story is, while doing his thing and being awesome (personal branding 101), a company took notice of his awesomeness and reached out to him. Something similar has happened to me with Our Project Nightingale. In short, getting on the radar of a company is not that hard.

With that said, I want to introduce to you, Andrew Craig, travel nurse and YouTuber. PLUS, he is a co-founder with Adrianne Behning’s podcast,“Med Room Chronicles.” It’s an official, legit podcast! As I am super new to this world of audio, I'm a little intimidated by that! But I'm happy he joined me in this experiment with Anchor in September of 2017.



Listen to his interview below:

Our guest on this episode of the podcast is Andrew Craig, RN. Andrew and his wife, Sarah, have been working as travel nurses for the past two years, and they have now created their own company as independent contractors. Andrew has found success in creating video content to help and mentor other travel nurses as they consider or begin the profession, as it comes with its unique challenges and opportunities. He realized that he was ready to take the leap into creating this content because he envied people who were sharing their unique knowledge in this way on other topics--and he had his own experiences to help.

Andrew now has several sponsors of his video content, which is geared towards documenting the solutions that he has found to problems associated with being a travel nurse (or being someone who travels for work in general). The relationship with his sponsors is mutually beneficial for the sponsor, for Andrew, and for the listeners. Many people have reached out with positive feedback to his videos, which are paired with his Facebook group and will soon be associated with online courses. Additionally, he and two of his colleagues (Adrianne Behning and Brad McLaughlin) host the Med Room Chronicles: Nursing Uncensored podcast.

For more information about Andrew’s videos and online courses, follow him on Facebook, “Traveler Talk” Facebook Group, and Twitter; subscribe to his YouTube channel; listen to his podcast; and check for updates on his website and track the upcoming launch of



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