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One of the great things I love about the journey of being in business is meeting other healthcare professionals who are also business owners. When Andrew Craig came on my radar, I immediately reached out for a quick chat, and he said yes! What I love about his story is, while doing his thing and being awesome ( personal branding 101), a company took notice of this and reached out to him. Something similar has happened to me with Our Project Nightengale. In short, getting on the radar of a company is not that hard.

With that, I want to introduce to you, Andrew Craig is a travel nurse, a Youtuber. PLUS he is a co-founder with Adrianne Behning’s podcast,“Med Room Chronicles.” Like an official, legit podcast!  As I am super new to this world of audio, I'm a little intimidated by that! But I'm happy he joined me in this experiment with Anchor September of 2017.

Here is a summary of our conversation:

Andrew:  I have been traveling with my wife Sara for the last 2 years. We work together and she's a travel nurse as well. And we recently became independent contractor travel nurses so we started our own LLC Hubble Sweet. We use it for our business purposes while traveling. Then recently, I started a podcast with some colleagues of mine out of the University of Iowa, Adrianne Behning, and Brad McLaughlin. We've been doing podcasts about all types of nursing subjects for the past month and a half or so which is very exciting. We got a pretty good response from that which is a super fun because we just love talking about nursing.

My big project is being involved in the travel nurse community. I started traveling about 3 months ago simply making videos for travel nurses with my cell phone in hopes to just educate and help transition people into this challenging specialty of traveling nursing. Even though there's lots of information out there and it's very very overwhelming and the average staff nurse has no idea where, to begin with, travel nursing.

From that point, my channel and online presence have drastically grown because people have really found the information that I'm putting out there useful as well as helpful. So I've been making more videos on my YouTube channel and then I recently decided to create courses for travelers as a whole, not just travel nurses, because of travelers no matter what profession you are in we have very similar challenges in the traveling realm. Because of that, I made courses to help answer some very important and yet very common questions that people keep asking over and over again and so I'm hoping to make a difference with the courses that I'm creating. So that's spiel that's the main stuff about what you know what I'm up to online.


Amelia: So what I love about what you just shared is that many nurses we see problems and we provide solutions that is what we do, that part of being a nurse. But you saw a problem, lack of information about a particular topic and you decided to start to document what's working. What made you one, decide to start of document what is working? And two, what made you start to share that and build a platform where others can be helped? What prompted you to go from idea I wish I had, to produce it for a community of travel nurses. Tell me more about how/why you bridged that gap.

Andrew: It's  very simple for me the reason why I started making videos is because I envied people that were doing it. I thought wow that is so neat that they are online, they're putting themselves out there and they're making a difference. And so It was just a  truly was a moment where I just woke up and I said I'm gonna write down the top 10 list of things that I would recommend for travel nurses. I made a brief script, I had some basic video editing software I had been playing with it previously, made the video and upload it. In fact, I uploaded it to a major nursing websites and that's when my video went from just a couple of views to a couple of thousand. That’s when people started reaching out to me after that point. As far as building the platform that was really never my intention but I've gotten so much positive feedback from people. People that are interested in learning more about travel nursing as well as travelers, new travelers that are feeling very overwhelmed by my stuff and find it helpful. That positive feedback is what really drives me to create more information for people.

Amelia:  Awesome so tell me a little bit more about how you branched into sponsored video production as we know nurses, we are multi-talented, we have lots of interests and passions that's sort of why we became a nurse. I mean if we could narrow down our interest, there are other fields of medicine we may have considered. Tell me more about going for sponsorship.

Andrew:  That's a great question and I started doing sponsored videos three days after I created my first video. Because the company or rather an organization called the professional association of nurse travelers is a nonprofit organization that advocates for the representation and you know unbiased education for travelers out there. So the founders of that organization contacted me and said, “hey you know what we would like your message. We like the way you approach this topic, we would love to work together “.


I completely agreed because I had been a member just a couple years prior to that so I knew about them even way before they contact me directly. So we figured up a relationship with sponsored videos. Because sponsors videos is a really great way to tap into a person audience as well as being a kind of like a brand ambassador for them while at the same time getting the message of the organization the sponsored out there. So what I do is very simple, I  focus on comment question that travelers ask and then what I'll do is a brief blip about to sponsor someone organically in the content. Because you know were overwhelmed by ads, are everywhere TV, internet, Facebook the works were overwhelmed by it. So when I do a sponsor relationship I want it to be you know not only mutually beneficial but also not to seem too much like spam essentially. I want people to experience in my videos to be good. From that point, I've got several companies that have contacted me that have said the exact same thing it just like you know what we like your stuff let's work on something together. There are several companies in the works and I'm trying to work out that relationship again, the sponsor relationship video. I haven't done very many sponsored videos lately because I've got so many, I guess irons in the fire is just kind of collaborating and getting things rolling. But I suspect within the next couple of months I'm probably going to be doing a sponsored videos several times a week based upon the interest that I'm receiving so far.


Amelia: Awesome wow so tell me a little bit more about I know that you guys have a separate company that you guys started as independent nurse travelers. Or is that under your LLC?


Andrew: It's not a company is simply a face to my courses that I told you that I'm creating.  The hope is that it is launching of this November first. I've given myself a deadline so that way I have focus because I could let go again and again. It is easy to have a project but without a deadline, you could go on forever and I've made a mistake in the past. So the is simply a website that people can go to that's connected with the teachable platform so that I can this guy dispense my courses efficiently. Because the teachable platform is very convenient for course maker. They take very reasonable cut off the courses, it's like a 5 percent or 10 percent percentage for using their service, so I connect their platform with my URL and the launch is November.


Then so as far as the courses are concerned I'm going to be doing 2 things I'm going to be, there is going to be about 10 or 15 mini-courses that I think I'm gonna price them at five bucks a piece, just because you know I'm not a greedy guy I just want people to have  this information while at the same time you know make a little something just for the time that I put into it.


Then so customers can buy individual topics for five bucks a piece or I think I'm going to lump them all into a big pot of courses that people can purchase as well. Because most the content that  I'm creating if not all is really relevant for the new traveler. So all it would be beneficial and some people might opt to just purchase the whole package right away.


We went on to talk about his podcast and how he does it all- he does not sleep. We talked abou other topic and wrapped up by how to reach out to Andrew:

Andrew: The simplest way because I'm basically on every social media platform is just Google my name Andrew Craig RN and you'll find me. You will find LinkedIn,  my Youtube channel,  my Facebook group, my Facebook page, I'm also moderately active on the website, I do a lot of writing on there. And so my main focus probably is my YouTube channel and you could always go to YouTube and type in Andrew Craig RN and you'll find me I'm the first person that comes up in the search results. I got the Andrew Craig name on lockdown I guess. So that's how you can find me and I love to share this information with people and I feel free to reach out to me anytime.


To hear the entire interview, check it out below.


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