How to Earn Money, Working Part-time From Home

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Thanks for checking out this post. Please get settled in, this is a bit of a lengthy read. My desire is that soon you can at least SEE yourself taking control of your income potential by generating income from home.

If you meet this goal of simply seeing yourself earning more revenue, please share your first action step in the comments!

Before I get started on how this applies to you, I want to dispel a myth. In many careers, we are told that earning more money comes from getting more education. That is a lie. Since owning my own business and quoting rates DOUBLE my nursing hourly rate, I have not been asked to show proof of my academic degree. My degree has not helped me close my largest contracts. #Facts.


This post was inspired by a conversation at a networking event, as well as this article about a nurse who sought to earn six figures working part-time as a freelance writer. Her story is here. While at the networking event, someone casually mentioned how their company brought in someone to teach their staff how to better use Microsoft Excel. This person was paid $5,000 for the week and worked with the company's staff using that specific software, nothing else. (Mic drop).

The story was shared in a very, "Oh, by the way" manner. The conversation was about hiring support for skills we do not have, not about the $5,000/week Excel trainer. That got me to thinking about my past as a virtual assistant. Many companies will gladly pay for an expert to come in as a corporate trainer or consultant to help their staff be more productive. Do you have any skill that is helpful to your current company?


You have amazing talents. Your skills are needed. When I was about 16 years old, my friend Dante Lee mentioned how he bought domain names and flipped them for profit. I did nothing with the fact that I grew up in the age where people earned money online. It gets better. About 10 years ago, I learned about freelancing. Since then, thanks to the economic troubles of 2008, there is a growing group of high-income earners who live the laptop lifestyle, supporting themselves by freelancing *affiliate link." No college degree required.

If you can work for someone else, you can work for yourself.
— Dante Lee

Around that time, I also learned that two good friends were supporting themselves working part-time from home as Virtual Assistants (Administrative Assistants who work from remote locations). They live in the San Francisco Bay area, they love to eat out, they travel and entertain often. Additionally, these friends support themselves in our volunteer Bible education work. They earn incomes that support their lifestyles.

How they were able to support themselves intrigued me. Upon research, I learned that Virtual Assistants can easily earn well over $100,000 working from home part-time! I learned that many companies and founders are paying $5,000 or more for a month of Social Media support, regularly! Because of this, normal folks like you and me routinely earn $10, 000 or more offering services, selling information, or hosting online classes. I am meeting such people every day in real life.

Yet more stories about people like this can be found here, here and here.  

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I am sure you have MANY skills. I am convinced that people will ask for your help with many projects. Here are stories *affiliate link* of people who went through the Virtual Assistant Program I recommend by Gina Hornkey.  

Would you like to discover ways to work from home? I know you are busy, so if you wish to get straight to learning more, take a look at resources that helped me get started:

How to Become a Freelance Writer *affiliate link*

How to Become a VA *affiliate link*


As many are making plans for next year, I want to be sure you know YOU are in FULL control of your income potential. It took me well over 10 years to act on information about earning money online from home.   

Don't be me.

As I write this, a new year is upon us. About 10 years ago, my earlier mentioned friends started a Virtual Assistant (VA) business. Their sweet relic of a website can still be viewed here. Then in 2009, my cousin started her photography business, DFinney Photography, it grew because of social media...Facebook algorithm changes, which also impacted her business. Seeing this alerted me to how social media and business were connected. It's going into a new year and I am JUST now really focusing on taking action on my business. You can choose to act faster than I did.

Likely in your day-to-day life you notice problems and think of solutions. Start keeping track of these solutions. What gaps or challenges are you seeing? What problems are easy for you to solve?

There is a pretty epic story about a Cat Groomer who saw a problem. She has an empire now. If a Cat Groomer can choose to leverage her talents, so can you.

If you wish to learn more about working from home, take a look at the writing opportunities open to you with freelance writing ideas here. Even better, if you are ready to start a course, check out this page.  


Was something in the post helpful? Did I leave something out? I'd love to know what you will take action on today! Please share your thoughts in the comments below!