The Business of Homeschooling

This past month a lot of life happened and that delayed my posting of this interview. Unfortunately, there was time-sensitive homeschool summit promotion mentioned in the interview that has since expired. The good news is that the event is now available for purchase; I invite you to take a look here.

While I can't make up for that missed promotion, I am happy to chat with you and share what's worked for me as a former homeschooler, and why I wish my mom knew Beverly 20 years ago. If you wish to chat about homeschooling, socialization, jobs and work-life impact, let's chat.  

On to the good stuff!

What if your nursing career could no longer support your current needs? Sometimes the path that we start out on can unexpectedly change. What would your new normal looked like not being able to work as a nurse? What would you do?

That very life change happened to Beverly Burgess. Last month, I interviewed Beverly who refused to allow new health challenges define her. 

How well do you adapt? If you found yourself in an unexpected place, would you choose to be defined by your new health challenge? 

Please check out my interview with Beverly Burgess Homeschool Coach 

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