The Business of Social Media Management

What is your company name?


What problem does your company solve?

We take the stress out of social media management by offering innovative, creative and customized social media marketing solutions for our clients.

When did you first see this problem as one that needed to be solved?

When I was working as a health coach.

Did the problem ever seem like it was bigger than you?


What makes YOU stand out from others who may solve similar problems?

We work really to offer a customized per specific audience approach. We believe in relationships and that when we all work together--magic happens.

What, if any, concerns are there related to nurses NOT knowing about non-traditional roles?

So many of us think of nurses as certain roles--clinic, hospital, long-term care...not fully understanding that, as nurses, we can and do impact the greater whole!

Some say, "It's not what you know, it's about who you know." In terms of developing business relationships, do you agree with that statement? Please explain your rationale.

Yes. The first year of my business, I worked in a silo...all by myself in my home with my computer and those I knew on social media. In the last year, I've worked on developing and expanding my connections locally. This has opened up my world in an amazing way...and offered me great opportunity to share my skills as a nurse and social marketer.

Tell us about your transition. What was the process of moving away from the clinical role into a business role? What mindset shifts, if any, did you need to make?

Oh, man....I so underestimated what it would take. It's a good thing that I've gone through chemotherapy and radiation and numerous I knew what hard was. As a nurse, I was used to following orders and/or checking with a business owner--it's me!

These last few years have been hard and good all at the same time. They've helped me grow into who I was called to be.

Who supported you during this transition? Did you have paid mentorship or coaching? If so, what made you make that investment in paid support?

My husband and family supported me greatly. I also have invested in business coaching and mastermind groups. I strongly believe in the benefit of business coaching and both my business and I have grown due to this investment.

Let's talk legal stuff. Many nurses are afraid of this part of a business. How did you address this concern in your business? What worked for you?

I make it a point to clarify that it is my personal opinion and always strongly recommend that individuals seek the guidance of their healthcare provider.

What has been the hardest thing in starting in your specific type of business or job role?

Working alone.

What has been the most rewarding thing about being in your business or job role?

I love being able to offer innovative and creative solutions to my clients without constraints of "this is how it's done."

What would you say are the five important resources (books, conferences associations) for a nurse who wants explore business?

This answer is tough as I could only answer niche specific.

What would you like others to know about what you do?

It is my mission: To inspire businesses to connect, communicate and build relationships with their customers through innovative and creative social media marketing. I'm a nurse who transitioned to social media management after a life-threatening breast cancer diagnosis.

Is there anything else you would like readers to know?

kim.2 - Kim Vanderpoel.jpg

I'd like your readers to's NEVER too late to go after your dreams...and sometimes those dreams are dreams you don't even know you have. 


If you would like to get it touch with Kim, her website is!