How to Slay Fear

Many business gurus say "just push past fear," "just start." Well that's all fine and good, but this lady needed more specifics! 

I took the opportunity to interview one of my favorite business mentors on the topic of Slaying Fear in real life.


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On this episode of the Solutions by Amelia podcast, our guest is Renee Hughes, a business coach and mentor who has great insights on conquering fears with action. A common fear people experience at the beginning of a new business venture is the fear of failure. Renee’s method of coaching aims to unpack this fear by pinpointing the underlying beliefs or thoughts impacting the individual and building up confidence in themselves and their offering, which is essential to the growth and function of your business. Another specific fear fostered by entrepreneurs is not wanting to talk to people about their offering or self-promote in order to get business going. Renee points out that we are all much more experienced in sales than we think we are, from influencing the family dinner menu based on personal preferences, to convincing a child to wear their coat outside when it is snowing, to advocating for a certain meeting time at work so you can take off early for the weekend. These everyday skills will help fight the fear of promoting yourself and your business, and it will get easier with time.

Renee strongly encourages using action to slay fears. By assembling or joining a support structure such as the network marketing model, you are signing yourself up for accountability, formal or informal partnerships with like-minded entrepreneurs, and the ability to brainstorm with others to determine next steps or changes that need to be made. By practicing the skills of entrepreneurship in everyday life and by treating your new venture as a profession rather than a hobby, you are well on your way to confidence instead of fear!


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