Interview with Deanna Cooper Gillingham the "Pat Flynn" of Nursing!

After speaking to many nurses, I found that Case Management is a popular option for many who wish to work from home. In finding an ideal work from home job, some have found it helpful to become a certified Case Manager. But how do you prepare for this certification?

Well, that's where enter Deanna Cooper Gillingham enters, the "Pat Flynn" of Case Management ...or dare I say Nursing??

You tell me!

Please check out ALL of Deanna's gems in the audio interview here. 

On this episode of the podcast, our guest is Deanna Cooper Gillingham, creator of the Case Management Study Guide to assist nurses who are preparing for their case management certification exam. An RN and case manager herself, Deanna had the idea for creating this study guide after studying for this exam on her own and realizing that there was no study guide available. This endeavor went from a side hustle to a full-time pursuit at the announcement of a new version of the test, meaning that she would need to create a new study guide. Deanna’s passion is finding solutions to problems and creating plans to bring the solutions about, and she has found that this project has given her the flexibility she hadn’t found before. 

The next problem that she is tackling is training new case managers to fill in the gaps being left by experienced case managers as they enter retirement. Deanna is creating the Case Management Institute, which will train RNs to prepare for their first case management job through online courses, and then help them appropriately write their resumes and with job placement. 

Deanna’s advice to other nurse entrepreneurs is to get your website up and running, begin collecting email addresses early on and select a great business coach to help get you going. Chances are if you have encountered a problem, others have had the same problem, so there is an opportunity to provide a solution!

Deanna Cooper Gillingham

Deanna Cooper Gillingham