The Business of Nurse Coaching

What is your company name?

Blue Monarch Health

What problem does your company solve?

We listen deeply and then partner with you to create a personalized wellness plan.

When did you first see this problem as one that needed to be solved?

I was a critical care nurse for almost 20 years, I finally realized that my patients had no idea why they were ill, how they got so sick, how they could have prevented their illness and they lacked the passion and skill to own their personal health. I also finally realized that our healthcare system was not designed to help empower patients to be partners in their health and the prevention of disease. I say, ‘finally realized’ because I had been working in this environment for years and had accepted it! It was like one day I woke up and I knew I needed to do my part to affect those in my circle of influence. It was here when I began Blue Monarch Health, a Nurse Coaching business to partner with the many people who want to step up and be active in the prevention of disease.

Did the problem ever seem like it was bigger than you?

The healthcare system became so task and business driven, that the human component was left to fend for itself with the little time healthcare providers had left after tasking and doing "business-things." This type of environment does not thrive; instead, it starves and it becomes desperate. To get the job done, we stopped truly listening to the unique needs of each individual and instead took a one-size-fits-all approach to providing care and treatments. The one-size-fits-everyone approach cannot work in healthcare, because NO ONE is the same. I realized that even though the healthcare system was practicing like that- it didn’t mean I had to continue doing it too.

What makes YOU stand out from others who may solve similar problems?

I listen deeply to a client’s story and then partner with them to co-create their wellness action plan. I don’t tell clients what to do, I help them uncover their own, innate wisdom and then partner with them to create a personalized plan they can commit to. I also have fun, laugh a lot and absolutely enjoy my work!

What, if any, concerns are there related to nurses NOT knowing about non-traditional roles?

Nurses who don’t know about non-traditional roles may stay in their traditional role even if it is literally killing them from a stress and burn-out perspective. They struggle with these ill-consequences and in the end, their colleagues, the system and their patients suffer. 

Nurses are powerful leaders with a wealth of varied experiences. Give us a scenario and we will find the best solution, with the least amount of resources and keep everyone alive!  Seriously, nurses are knowledgeable about people- they innately know how people tick. Nurses use their intuition to make decisions and can make them looking at all sides in a relatively short amount of time. Without nurses, the business world would not find these skills in one person.

Some say, "It's not what you know, it's about who you know." In terms of developing business relationships, do you agree with that statement? Please explain your rationale.

I am a firm believer in Theodore Roosevelt’s quote: “People don’t care about how much you know, until they know how much you care.”  There is some truth in, "it’s not what you know, it’s about who you know," but if those I know don’t really care about people or the work they do, then it doesn’t matter. I strive to connect and associate myself with businesses who share similar values and who show up in the world willing to make a difference by dedicating themselves to the service of others. I have declined developing business relationships with those that do not share my values, even though it meant losing a contract, or connection. 

Tell us about your transition. What was the process of moving away from the clinical role into a business role? What mindset shifts, if any, did you need to make?

I was ready to move on, but I stayed in a full-time role while I tried to figure out how to run a business. I mean, there was a ton to learn-I don’t recall a single business class in nursing school. I learned to make time even when I didn’t have it. That was challenging. Family, life, work and business- you have to find a way to put it all together and that will be different for each person. I began working on the things I liked first, the things that brought me most joy and then moved on to the things that scared me. I took it a day at a time, until I could finally quit the bedside completely.  

What has been the hardest thing in starting in your specific type of business or job role?

I’m an introvert, so it can be VERY difficult for me to begin a conversation at events and parties. I mean, I could sit in silence all night if someone else wanted to! To overcome this, I made a list of some easy questions I could use to get someone else to talk about themselves- taking the pressure off of me. Most people are very happy to talk about themselves- which makes my job easy! 

What has been the most rewarding thing about being in your business or job role?

Seeing others find their personal vision of health and discovering that they have such power over their lives.

What would you say are the five important resources (books, conferences associations) for a nurse who wants explore business?

Strengths Finder:  When we know what we are naturally good at, we can use that to our advantage!
Small Business Association and SCORE mentors
Principles:  Ray Dalio
The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up:  Marie Kondo
Facebook Groups:  key words Nurse, Business, Entrepreneur etc.

Let's talk legal stuff. Many nurses are afraid of this part of business. How did you address this concern in your business? What worked for you?

I found a good legal consultant and ask questions all the time. I document well!!! I got liability insurance. Practice within my scope! 

Who supported you during this transition? Did you have paid mentorship or coaching? If so, what made you make that investment in paid support?

At first, I began using free tools from the Small Business Association and working with a free SCORE mentor. I attended many paid and free workshops and gleaned lots of implementable information there- I paid in time. I talked to many people who shared their wisdom, inspiration and best practices. I have a supportive husband by my side as well.  

What would you like others to know about what you do?

I LOVE people! I enjoy challenge and putting the pieces of a person's story together.  

Is there anything else you would like readers to know?

I am so excited that I was just approved as a 501(c)(3)! My newest organization is called Brave Mind Living. Our mission to share lifestyle strategies that prevent brain disease. We find hope in the prevention of this horrible, life- and love-taking disease by learning about, implementing and enhancing lifestyle strategies we will use every day!

Brave Mind Living focuses on the lifestyle strategies of: nourishment, movement, better sleep , stress reduction and socialization. These are the cornerstones of preventing Alzheimer's Disease and dementia and we want everyone to learn about them and DO THEM so AD and dementia are diseases of the past. And when we do use them- we feel alive, energetic, strong, present and purposeful!


Nicole Vienneau MSN, RN, NC-BC

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