Nurses in Real Estate

I know that there are MANY nurses in real estate. The goal of this post to to share helpful tips.

I know that there are MANY nurses in real estate. The goal of this post to to share helpful tips.

When I started this blog, I planned to share about ALL industries where nurses can be found.

I QUICKLY discovered nurses are EVERYWHERE! One place in particular kept coming up: Real Estate!

Maybe you love supporting older ones as they downsize. Or perhaps you enjoy supporting young families who are just starting out and need a bit of guidance?

If you care deeply about people and would like to experience a bit of variety outside of nursing, take a look at the comments below:

Is there anything about nursing that has helped you see success in real estate?

I think that being Black in nursing has helped. When I bought my properties, I only told the people that I was buying from that "I worked in the hospital". They automatically assumed that I worked in food or environmental services. I used this to my advantage when dealing with them.

Rachael Drayton, MSN, CRNA

I believe the critical thinking skills and attention to detail nurses use every day serves one well in real estate. You definitely have to be very detail oriented to analyze potential deals, run numbers, and do your due diligence to see if a deal is a good one or not. When you do your due diligence up front, it will save you a lot of time and money on avoiding a bad property. Then you will be able to enjoys the rewards in either a nice hefty bonus check at the sale of your property or monthly passive income rental checks. Another benefit of being a nurse in real estate is the flexibility that nurses have in their schedule that allows them the free time to scout and manage real estate deals at times other than just the weekends.

Dawna Willis, FNP

Trinity Allied Health Solutions

What is your BEST tip you have for someone who is interested in doing WELL in real estate?

Network with others, build your team, and keep learning.

Dawna Willis, FNP

You don't have to have a lot of money to get started. You can start small and use those properties to fund other properties.

Rachael Drayton, MSN, CRNA

Most of us are not born knowing about business. What other resources or conferences have helped you in learning about real estate?

Mentoring with someone you trust.

Mia Johnson, BSN, RN, VA-BC

I have always been a reader. While I can't think of any one book or resource that has helped me, I'm sure it came through reading.

Rachael Drayton, MSN, CRNA

The two biggest resources that have helped me the most was the Real Estate Summit an online virtual summit that covered everything from house hacking to wholesaling ( and a Purchase to Profit conference held yearly that goes over everything dealing with tax deeds/liens up to the rehab and sale or rental of your property ( afflink ) .

If unable to fit either of these classes or conferences in your budget, the biggest free resource you can start with is and your local REI meetup groups. But don't forget any classes or courses you pay for to start your entry into real estate can be written off as a business expense.

Dawna Willis, FNP

Trinity Allied Health Solutions

ARE YOU READY TO get started?

Maybe you have already done your research related to the legalities of starting a business or being an independent contractor, you went to your local SCORE location, and you are ready to get started--awesome! 

But if you would like a bit of direction around your next steps, let’s chat!

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