The Business of Getting Clients as a CPR Trainer

Have you ever ran into a safety concern in your community and thought, WOW, how can help with this issue?

Nurses have access to live saving information and practical skills that can save lives.

I took the opportunity to interview Terri Evans who takes her skills into the community a CPR trainer.

Take a listen below, I would LOVE your thoughts!

On this episode of The Business of Nursing podcast, our guest is Terri Evans, a nurse educator, CPR instructor, and blogger. Terry began her CPR business after becoming aware of the need in her community for a convenient CPR training course for individuals and businesses who could not leave their offices during the typical workday to receive training. In particular, daycare workers and doctor’s office employees who are legally required to be CPR trained struggled to find the time when usual CPR training sessions were conducted off-site.

Following the implementation of new federal requirements regarding the number of daycare workers who must be certified, Terry began calling daycare centers in her area to make them aware of her mobile CPR instruction services, and within the first week, she had 17 new clients.

Those individuals passed along her information to the other daycare centers and other organizations who had also been seeking a solution to the scheduling issue of having their employees CPR trained, and those referrals have sustained her business ever since.


Terri Evans of Position CPR

Terri Evans of Position CPR

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