The Business of Product Design

Design Your Ideal Solution! 

Our guest on today’s podcast episode is Sarah Mott, founder of Nurse Born Products and inventor of the Koala-Qlip stethoscope holder. After carrying her stethoscope around her neck contributed to her neck pain and headaches, Sarah decided to look for a clip that would attach to her scrubs and carry her stethoscope. Through her research, she found that no such product was on the market, so she decided to pursue inventing one herself.  


Sarah has worked with many resourceful and innovative nurses, and she even carries some of their products on her website. Her advice to anyone looking to manufacture their invention is to first find a patent attorney to guide you through the process of creating a prototype, commissioning drawings of your product, and drafting non-disclosure agreements to be signed by anyone you deal with during the patenting process. Second, commit some time to touring manufacturing facilities to learn the “manufacturing lingo” and the ins and outs of the manufacturing process so that you are well-educated when it comes time to choose and sign a contract with a manufacturer.

To learn more about Nurse Born Products, follow them on Facebook, Twitter (@nurseborn), and Instagram (@nursebornproducts), and join Sarah’s Facebook group “Nurse’s Club for Business” to network with other nurses involved in business endeavors.