The Business of Making Healthcare Easier

What is your company name?

Nurse Katz is my brand and my latest book is Healthcare Made Easy (affiliate link). I consult with major companies on healthcare and compliance issues as well as media strategy.

What is your company’s mission?

To empower the public to navigate through the healthcare system and avoid medical debt.

When did you see this problem as one that needed to be solved?

When I got into medical debt myself, more than once, with and without health insurance, and figured out ways to get out of medical debt and “best the system,” per se. Unfortunately, I found that I was not the only one who went through this and started to share my tricks/tips with others, helping them get out of debt, too.

Did the problem ever seem like it was bigger than you?


How did you know you were uniquely positioned to solve this problem?

I have a medical coding and nursing background and became a resource to those who shaped some of our healthcare legislation. In addition, I have found myself in challenging situations and survived. During these times, I discovered some hidden resources that I felt needed to be shared so others can avoid getting into medical debt and making some of the same simple mistakes.  

What, if any, concerns are there related to nurses not knowing about non-traditional roles?

They can be the key to helping and informing their patients.

Some say, "It's not what you know, it's who you know." In terms of developing business relationships, do you agree with that statement? Please explain your rationale.

This is partly true, but what is missing in that statement is how one communicates can make a huge difference.

What has been the hardest thing in starting in your specific type of business or job role?

In short, it took almost losing my life and using resilience as well as innovation. Going through something blindly with no guidance, and later, I convinced the media that there was a need to educate the public about how to avoid medical debt and get out of what may seem like a dead-end situation.  

What has been the most rewarding thing about being in your type of business or job role?

Having Diane Sawyer believe in me and give me a chance to expose what I knew about the healthcare system and start a trend of what is known as the "healthcare advocate."  

What would you say are the five important resources (books, conferences, associations) for a nurse who wants explore business?

Listen to your patients, take a medical coding class, constantly keep updated on healthcare legislation, be receptive to constant education (because healthcare is always changing and evolving), my books (Healthcare Made Easy, Healthcare for Less and 101 Health Insurance Tips) as well as my Facebook page, where i always post relevant information.

Let's talk legal stuff. Many nurses are afraid this part of the business. How did you address this in your business? How did you get past this concern?

Documentation is key as well as setting up realistic expectations before you start.

Who supported you during this transition? Did you have paid mentorship or coaching? If so, what made you make that investment?

Unfortunately, I was alone in this process which is what makes me unique and now relatable to many with whom I consult.

What would you like others to know about what you do?

M. Katz.jpg

I am constantly educating myself, unfortunately, through my own mistakes, which is why I tell people to follow me and don’t make the same mistakes I have. Through this “trial and error” process in healthcare, I am always posting things to make my followers better healthcare advocates and share my resources. I wrote my books so others can become their own healthcare advocates. On the other hand, I am also available for lectures and speaking engagements for those who need a more in-depth learning process; there is nothing like a live Q & A session with someone who has been through it and has seen it all :)  


How can we reach you?  What are your website + social media handles

@michellekatzmsn is Twitter, my Facebook is and my Instagram is Nurse_Katz.