Start Where You Are

In nursing, you must be perfect. If you are less than perfect you may kill someone. That is a little dramatic, but it's not too far from reality. When you are less than perfect, you are punished in some way. You meet with your upper level, you are given a plan, you are asked to sign something. While this is an oversimplification, I am sure many can relate to this.

The problem with wanting to be perfect is that we are all imperfect. The fear of "not doing it right" the first time is a VERY scary fear, especially to many nurses. I am still working through this fear. Take this blog--of ALL my thoughts that I have ALL day long, I have only felt comfortable sharing a handful publically. As I look at what is happening in the profession of nursing, I see that others do not feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, either. The thing is, not speaking to our value is dangerous and can be damaging to our career and profession.

For instance, I have seen nurses with many years of experience being FORCED to retire. While in their roles, they may not have reminded others about why that role is essential. I have seen these nurses feel uncomfortable in pointing to work they have accomplished. If they do not speak to the value they bring, WHO will?

Starting to speak to your worth as a nurse, as a business owner, or as a person can be challenging for some. But just starting the process is super important.


I just posted this in a Facebook Group:


Next week I am presenting at a local hospital on how to to use Social Media for Rapid Professional Development. This hospital is not a national organization or anything, yet it's a beginning.

I picked social media as a side hustle because it was easy to get started and I have seen success for myself and others. Social media management is not my end game. If you are wondering where to start, always think about what comes easy for you. Think about what others ask you to do for them. They have a need you can fill. Think about what you volunteer to do for others because you see a need you want to fill. Finding a need that people will pay to have met is an easy next step.

What delayed me in JUST getting started by YEARS was looking at loved ones who were doing very well and wanting my START to look like their END result. Not too bright....I only figured this out last year...with help.


“To achieve greatness, start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.”

Arthur Ashe

How will you speak to your value today?