Business of Nursing Certified Nurse Midwives

There are so many myths about Nursing. Some common myths are that all nurses feel "nursing is a calling" or that nurses eat their young. Other nursing myths are discussed by Elizabeth Scala. When it comes to the business of nursing, there is MUCH to be learned about the scope and roles of the nurse inside and outside of traditional settings. While in a Facebook group, I saw a post that just HAD to be shared with the world. Editied with permission, I am honored to share the below from Dr. Shaughanassee Williams, CNM of Midwife Speaks:

"I am a certified nurse midwife. I work for a hospital based practice full-time, doing antepartum, postpartum and gynecology (women's health care). I have privileges at our hospital; however, I am the only midwife at the hospital and the administration says they hired me in the role of a nurse practitioner. Therefore, deliveries are not considered to be a part of my current job description. At times, this can cause confusion with those unfamiliar with the scope of practice differences between certified nurse midwives and nurse practitioners. Explaining the differences can lead to repetitive discussions. While some may get frustrated with this recurring talking point, I've taken that energy and used it to complete my DNP, teach as an adjunct nursing professor, and start my own women's health clinic last year. 

Holistic Care Provider

Our clinic provides holistic services such as massage, yoga, fitness training and medical weight loss management. I also am planning to offer an after-hours and weekend gynecology clinic for working women who have trouble making appointments during the day. This will begin in summer once I sign the practice agreement with an Obstetrician/Gynecologist. It's my earnest effort and prayer that all advanced practice registered nurses, regardless of specialty or certification, begin to collaborate and have a better understanding of one another. Our certifications may be different, but our struggles remain the same. We are still fighting for full practice authority in Virginia. Our Lieutenant Gov. is running for office; however, he is a physician who sat on the health committee to kill our full practice authority bill. I am always happy to educate other providers and the public about the work of certified nurse midwives...we do everything from menarche to post-menopause and not solely pregnancy. Many certified nurse midwives are operating birth centers, serving as surgical first assists and teaching as faculty.

Certified nurse midwives...we do everything from menarche to postmenopause and not solely pregnancy.
— Dr. Shaughanassee Williams, CNM

Consumer Experience

If you want your ideal clients to care, you have to give them something unexpected. Talk to them about what they SHOULDN’T do, give them an opt-in that is better than other people’s paid programs, have a phone call with them where you DON’T pitch your services, just to get to know each other.

Even people who claim to hate surprises are delighted when you break from the norm. Because that’s how you stand out; that’s what makes you a thought leader.

What are you doing to stand out right now?


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