The Business of Informatics

Have you ever ran into a technology problem on your unit that thought, WOW, I wished they had asked NURSES for our input before implementation?

Nurses are ALL about the workaround and navigating hard stops to provide needed care. 

I took the opportunity to interview one of my favorite nursing informatics experts Dr. Kelley.

Take a listen below, I would LOVE your thoughts!

Our guest on this episode of the Business of Nursing podcast is Dr. Tiffany Kelley, an entrepreneur and keynote speaker on the topic of nursing informatics. She is the creator of Nightingale Apps – providing mobile solutions for nurses – and iCare Nursing Solutions – focused on consulting and educational services to entrepreneurial nurses. 

Dr. Kelley has found her niche in the realm of nursing informatics, acting as a conduit between clinical staff members and the IT staff implementing the technological solution. She has found that a lot of practices really need this conduit, but they either do not recognize their need or they do not know where to look. Clinical staff often know that their need is, but they do not know how to articulate it to the IT staff they have hired, but this nursing informatics specialist can fill in the gaps. These systems and solutions can be personalized and optimized in a way that will help clinical staff members be proactive in creating a stable process, which benefits everyone from the clients to the end users to the technical support team.