The Business of Medical Professional Education with Julie Tupler

If you are an experienced professional, there are lots of ways to use and repackage your expertise. In this episode, we hear from someone who noticed a problem and created an entire educational system to support others in better caring for people with a specific challenge.  

Below are highlights of the key points from our conversation. Because the notes are only a summarized version of the interview, I highly recommend that you listen to the audio above, which includes details that are not on this post. 

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0:22: With these conversations we talk about how life and business intersect, with the goal of sharing best practices.  Nurses were amazing, we have wonderful ideas. We see problems along with their solutions. BUT we just did not go to school for business or marketing! So here I introduce people who have started their business and share best practices from them so that we can benefit and look for patterns on best practices, and do more of what works! Let’s introduce Julie:

1:11 Julie Tupler is a Registered Nurse, Childbirth Educator and Certified Personal Trainer. She is the creator of the Tupler Technique, a research and evidence based program for the treatment of diastasis recti for women, men and children. She is the author of three best selling books called Maternal Fitness, Lose Your Mummy Tummy and Together Tummy. She has produced 5 Videos, developed the Diastasis Rehab Splint, Together Tape, Corrective Connective Tissue Cream and the Diastometer and the Ongoing Online Support Program. the program is translated into 6 different languages ( Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Danish, German and Czech.  She has been training medical and fitness professionals since 2009. She speaks at medical and fitness conferences all over the world and has written articles in many medical and fitness journals.  

2:02 Julie developed professional training program for medical and fitness professionals, she is speaking at the Nurses in Business Conference in Las Vegas in September around September 27.

3:00: Julie did not like to have to punch a time clock at work. Alongside that, sometimes as nurses we do not even get needed meal and bathroom breaks. Beyond that her role was not bringing her the joy that it used to, so she made a shift.

In addition to her nursing role, she had a side hustle as a personal trainer. Because she 

was a nurse, it was suggested that she teach a prenatal class, this was aligned with her love of labor and delivery. Yet there was not much information out there on how to train women physically  for labor. 

3:49: Wanting to be more familiar with this population, Julie got more education herself on childbirth and then decided to create a program related to the knowledge gap she noticed. After Julie became a childbirth educator she realized that childbirth education comes at the end of the pregnancy and only prepares the mother’s mind and one  wouldn't run a race with just mindset training! So she started a maternal fitness business because among other things, she wanted to prepare women for the marathon of labor with a focus on teaching women how to push and support diastasis recti to prevent a C section.

5:47: In 2009 Julie chose to reinvent herself because when she noticed the market getting crowded with others who were doing similar things. Yet Julie saw that nobody was dealing with the condition of diastasis recti, so she made that her unique area of focus.  

6:58: Julie now trains health professionals all over the world and her work has been translated into many languages. She gets the word out about what she does by speaking at various conferences and offering continuing education training to various medical professional associations. She has a goal of getting her program into both medical and fitness facilities.

10:52: Julie is passionate about being awareness of treatment of diastasis recti for women, men and children. Because of this passion, she speaks at different conferences and webinars for professionals. She would like to see people getting checked for diastasis on a routine basis. When this is not checked and treated, there can be back and hip pain and a variety of GI issues including a higher risk of c-section.  

12:20:Julie shared gems related to her marketing efforts including email marketing, local speaking, having an elevator pitch and more.


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