The Business of Keto Living with Nurse Audra

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Audra, an entrepreneur and DNP candidate at Ohio State University, joins Amelia for the episode of the Solutions by Amelia podcast. Audra has a knack for recognizing problems and coming up with creative solutions that are mutually beneficial. She started her first LLC as a way of teaching CPR classes to the faculty and staff at one particular school, and it expanded from there. She has since started Keto Prescribed, which walks people through the keto diet and what exactly specific foods do to the body, after observing the changes in her brother’s physique and overall health as a result of sticking to keto.

She is now working on creating the Global Nursepreneur Network and will be releasing her book later this year. Her goal with this project is to give nurses the permission that many of them have been waiting for to solve the problem that frustrates them the most. Since nursing is the most trusted profession, nurses are often informed of unfair circumstances or speedbumps in the healthcare system, but they just don’t feel equipped enough to do something about them. Audra wants to help change this mindset.

Key Quotes:

“Nurses don’t initially think of themselves as entrepreneurs.”

“Nurses should be leveraging that for years, nursing has been the #1 trusted profession.”

“If you’re waiting for the right time, that will never come.”

“There is no success gap. No person is better than anybody else.”

Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • Becoming a nursepreneur

  • Audra’s business journey

  • Keto Prescribe

  • Overcoming challenges


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