The Business of Aesthetics with Wendy Pickett


On this episode of the Solutions by Amelia podcast, our guest is Wendy Pickett, an RN with over 20 years in the Emergency department who found fulfillment in starting a career in aesthetics. After so many years in the ER, Wendy found that she and her colleagues were worn down from the nature of their work and the sense of loss that came from helping patients for a few crucial hours just to see them move on to other departments to complete their recovery and healing.

When she was approached by a doctor who was starting an aesthetics practice, she began working as a nurse there in her free time until she realized she was ready to become full-time in the industry. In the years since then, she has truly found her passion in making her patients feel better about themselves externally and internally. She feels valued and appreciated every day and through the Academy, she is able to teach other nurses to find this same satisfaction in the aesthetics industry.

In terms of becoming an entrepreneur, she encourages listeners to pursue industry experts and not be afraid to ask them questions about how they got started. There is so much to be learned from those who have blazed the trail ahead of you as you are making your own way.

Key Quotes:

“My patients appreciate the littlest to the biggest things I can do for them.”

“I’ve often encouraged new aesthetic providers to look at their patient holistically.”

“Collaboration is key in every facet of what we do.”

Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • What is aesthetics?

  • Wendy’s journey from being an RN to aesthetics

  • Advice for others considering switching to the industry

  • The future of Pacific Northwest Aesthetics Academy


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