The Business of Patient Advocacy with Elle

About Our Guest:

Elle Cole, who is a residing in PG County Maryland with her husband and twin daughters, left her corporate job to become a stay-at-home mom when her daughters were only 4 months old.
She holds a B.A. degree in English and History. She is a writer and content creator who is a go-to resource on health, wellness, finances, and parenting. She is a passionate storyteller, blogger, social media manager/consultant, and host of the CleverlyChanging podcast.
Elle has been featured on NPR, ABC 7, BBC World Service Radio, and a guest on several podcasts. She is also a recipient of a Bronze Congressional Award, an avid speaker, and an active community volunteer. In addition to this , she serves as a health advocate for Sickle Cell Anemia and Type 1 Diabetes. She is an ambassador for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. And it is her goal to raise awareness about Sickle Cell and help make a global impact to better the quality of life for people living with genetic disorders and autoimmune diseases. You can follow Elle’s journey on Instagram and Facebook at CleverlyChanging.

About this Episode

How can work balance between being a caregiver to a child with sickle cell disease and entrepreneurship?

On this episode, Elle explains what it is like to be a mother, manage special health needs, and still manage a business. Elle is a mom to twin girls. She quit her corporate job when her daughters were four months to be a stay at home mom. She holds bachelor’s degrees in English and History. Besides being a writer and a content creator, Elle is a passionate storyteller, blogger and social media manager.

She is an advocate of sickle cell anemia and an ambassador to St. Jude’s hospital. One of her daughters suffer from sickle cell anemia, and this has allowed Elle to do extensive research on the disease, and you can be assured she has a load of information on the condition. She has made appearances on several podcasts.

Her business journey

Elle started her business nine years ago when her daughters were two years old. Since her husband had been into entrepreneurship. It wasn’t tough for Elle to join the wagon. With motivation from her husband and friend, she started blogging. 

 In the initial stages, she blogged about parenting twins and sickle cell anemia. Currently, she writes on a wide range of topics. 

What breaks her heart?

The fact that sickle cell disease is unpredictable weighs Elle down. One minute the baby can be okay, and the other the baby is unwell. Thanks to the growth of social media, sharing has become easy.

Her advice on entrepreneurship

  • Be determined.

  • Find your strengths.

  • Test the waters.

  • Identify your skills.

  • Learn how to prioritize.

  • Be creative and flexible.

Elle’s big picture

  • Going to sickle cell conferences.

  • Publishing a book about sickle cell disease.

  • Create a financial planner for parents with children with medical needs.

Best advice

  • Get a support system. Use all the help you can get.

  • Be a good time manager.

Biggest wins

  • Having her daughter well.

  • Finding long term clients.

Where does she find clients?

  • LinkedIn.

  • Community meetings.

  • Networking events.

Biggest desire

Elle hopes that her book will find its way to all hospitals around the world.

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