The Business of Trying Something New with Sarah Wells

In this episode:

Today I am joined by Sarah K Wells. Sarah is a national speaker, nurse, blogger and writer. Her business is called New Thing Nurse. She has spoken at the national, state and local levels at a variety of conferences. Through her work she collaborates and works with nurses all over the world. She currently resides in California. 

Sarah has spent almost 10 years now in the emergency department. She went through a rough patch where she felt stifled and limited in her role. She often wandered if she was best utilizing her time. From this low point in her life, New Thing Nurse was born. New Thing Nurse allows Sarah to help nurses, students and individuals grow their nursing careers.

Learn more about Sarah, how she got to where she is today, the work she does with New Thing Nurse and how she built her business. This is a great and insightful episode with incredible nuggets of knowledge. 

Key Quotes

“The best way to learn doing social media is to get involve with it. Through social media you will connect with a lot of people.”

“To have a successful business ultimately you are going to have to grow that client base because you can’t sell the same products or same services to the same people forever.”

In This Episode

  • How Sarah got started

  • Sarah’s enough is enough point

  • Limitations and frustrations

  • Learning about marketing

  • Utilizing social media

  • Not being afraid to fail

  • Social media etiquette

  • Building best practices

  • What’s next for Sarah


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