The Business of Taking ACTION with Felicia Kelly!

Topics Discussed:

●      Why money isn’t the root of all evil

●      Finding your “zone of genius”

●      Discovering your ideal client (HINT: It doesn’t involve “niching down”!)

●      Why much of traditional market research just leads to procrastination

●      Using Facebook videos for organic reach

●      How to schedule income-generating activities for your business around your day job



●      “There are so many faith-based people with a lack of faith.”

●      “Your family may not support you. Let your aunt be your aunt. Let your sister be your sister. They’re not your audience.”

●      “Action beats idea any day of the week.”

●      “Facebook is not a social media platform. Facebook is a marketing company.”

●      “A lot of times, the word ‘afford’ limits our thinking.”


Episode Summary:

            Amelia interviews Felicia Kelly, founder and president of Cyrus Anointing Consulting, a lifestyle development company that provides customized financial education to small businesses. She’s also a speaker, business strategist, and money-management expert, primarily known for her faith-based brand, Coaching Christians to Coin.

            Driven by a desire to be her own boss after having experienced being taken advantage of by her corporate superiors, Felicia went into business for herself. She tried her hand at network marketing. Through the web of connections she built via her distributorship, she created quality relationships with professionals of various industries, to whom she offered valuable financial advice—including increasing one’s credit line or successfully applying for bank loans. Realizing the opportunity in this, Felicia then decided to monetize her advice, which eventually led to the businesses she owns today.

            When asked what keeps her up at night, Felicia questions people’s general lack of faith in taking that big leap. She often hears the refrain, “I’m not ready yet.” She suggests thinking proactively about filling in the blank: “What is it that I’m not ready for?” Felicia also laments the old-school mindset that having money makes one greedy. She offers the paradigm that money is only a means to an end—that it provides comfort and eliminates headaches that wouldn’t be there if one had more money in the bank.

            Felicia recommends finding your “zone of genius”: your biggest, specific, monetizable strength. For her, it is “income strategy”. However, this is just the first step. Once you’ve identified your zone of genius, you must decide whether or not fear will stop you from taking action on that monetizable strength. It’s imperative to act now, because the business world, thanks to the internet, is changing at light speed. What you know from your marketing course in college is outdated. Start your business now, and learn as you go.

Overall, according to Felicia, “action beats idea any day of the week.”


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