For Nurses By Nurses with the Founders of Frontier Health and Resources


Today on our Podcast we have Joey and Taofiki with Frontier Health Resources, who are focused on bringing the technology surrounding patient care to the 21st century. Both are veteran RNs who have noticed that many nurses have to develop ‘work arounds’ for their bedside workflow, so they began developing products to help.

Joey and Taofiki discuss how having their ‘enough is enough’ moment in patient care led them to take action, which then led to a new product being made that became the basis for their company. They also talk about getting over the challenges of marketing while having no business experience, and how being a nurse making products for other nurses is a huge advantage. The two believe they are able to be both the ‘samurai and the blacksmith’- and talk about why that’s important in their industry.

They share how fulfilling it is to be able to utilize the powerful and innovative army of nurses around the country to help develop new products, and how the hundreds of hours put into a product are all worth it when they see a nurse love and use it! 

Topics Discussed in this Podcast:

  • How two nurses that didn’t know each other started a company thanks to a a smartwatch.

  • Mesh panties and others things that need to stay in the 20th century 

  • Trusting others and sharing ideas to get further faster

  • Identifying the needs of your best buyer

  • The power of collaborations and leveraging your network 

  • How nurses can stay up to date with advances in healthcare 

  • Leveraging the nursing industry in Nurse Entrepreneurship

Joey(L), Taofiki (R)

Joey(L), Taofiki (R)


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