The Business of Concierge Nursing

Have you ever ran into patient discharge problem and thought, WOW, I wish NURSES could enhance post op experience!

Nurses are ALL about supporting people during times when they may not have ready support.

I took the opportunity to interview THE Mallory Buxton of Solos Concierge Nurse Patient Advocates

Take a listen below, I would LOVE your thoughts!

On this episode of The Business of Nursing podcast, we speak with Mallory Buxton of Solos Concierge Nurse Patient Advocates. With an extensive background as a nurse in several hospital departments, Mallory recognizes that the healthcare system is failing nurses and patients alike, and after a particularly unfortunate and disappointing situation at work, she realized that it would be up to her to create an environment where she could be proud to be a nurse.

Inspired by the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and podcasts such as The Cardone Zone, Mallory made the mental decision to create Solos with the goal of ending loneliness and helping 1 billion people. They are off to a great start by serving over 120 clients in Phoenix, the Bay Area, and Denver so far.

Mallory first got started by making a list of the top doctor’s offices in Phoenix and making herself call them to offer her services. This is how she continues to find new clients to this day, now with the help of a Customer Relationship Management system to keep her organized from initial contact to follow-up communications.

Because of the services that Solos provides, they are not usually considered a vendor, so patient care coordinators typically recognize the specific needs that Solos can help some of their patients with and they are willing to pass along their information. Solos is making an impact in their communities and giving nurses an alternative employment option that can provide them with fulfillment.


Mallory Buxton of Solos Concierge Nurse Patient Advocates

Mallory Buxton of Solos Concierge Nurse Patient Advocates